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Tube Sliding FAQ and Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Tube Slide Safety and Etiquette

Weather and Hours

  • Please note, weather can affect safety on the hills and may affect our operating hours.


  • Children must be at least 4 years of age
  • Children 12 years & under must wear a helmet. This may be a personal CSA approved helmet or a River Valley Tube Park rental helmet.

For Your Safety

  • Pay attention to staff
  • Follow instructions
  • Observe all signs
  • Supervise small children 

When Riding the Lift

  • Observe all signs
  • Supervise small children
  • No fooling around on lift

When Sitting in the Tube

  • Secure your hat
  • Sit up, hold handles
  • Keep feet up
  • One person per tube, but you may hook tubes together to slide

At the Bottom 

  • Follow instructions
  • Look both ways before crossing lanes
  • Do not attempt to retrieve objects from the hills


  • Walking paths can be slippery
  • Winter footwear is recommended
  • Use caution when walking

You risk your safety if –

  • You fail to obey instructions
  • You do not sit properly in your Tube
  • You engage in horseplay

Special Notes

  • All bookings are to be reserved online at:
    However, if you have a large group organized for a tubing event, please call us at: 519 225 2329 or email us at: to let us know how we can best accommodate you. 
  • Any person with a disability who needs assistance must be accompanied by an adult. Please notify our staff so we can assist and direct you for your safety.
  • All equipment supplied.
  • Fully licensed bar & lobby.
  • Free parking.